www.qrp4fun.de Birth certificate for my Elecraft K2

This is the copy of an email I sent on the Elecraft mailing list. It was lost, but I found it in an internet archive.

Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 17:18:14 +0200
Subject: [Elecraft] birth certificate

... Yippie! - Jump - Yippie! - Jump - Yippie! - Oh sorry! I am
already online.

What's up? Designed in California, USA. Built all over the world.
That's why!

H   H EEEEE L     L      OOO    W  W  W  OOO  RRRR  L     DDDD  !!
H   H E     L     L     O   O   W  W  W O   O R   R L     D   D !!
HHHHH EEEEE L     L     O   O   W  W  W O   O RRRR  L     D   D !!
H   H E     L     L     O   O   W  W  W O   O R  R  L     D   D

(Hello world!)

A new and healthy K2 was born on 10th May 2000 at 15 o'clock.
Their name is SN #01118. There were no difficulty with the birth.
Now I go out and show my daughter the far world.

(Or is it a son? Wait a moment ...
... No, no! It is a daughter. It has an antenna jack. HI.)

If I see the lights in their LED-eyes gleam and hear their voice,
then I am happy.

Yes, she is a little one like all other K2's. But I think she will
grow. Thanks for the many options.

I must learn to understand, what she wants to say to me with their
LCD-display. But I will give her to play however many new antennas
and keys. We will both learn from each other.

Hope to meet other mothers(?) and fathers on air.
vy 72 2 u es urs from a lucky father
Ingo, DK3RED

P.S. Many many ... many thanks to the intellectual fathers. It was
an GREAT AMUSEMENT to build this transceiver.

Yippie! - Jump - Yippie! - Jump - Yippie! - ...