www.qrp4fun.de Who I am

I see, you became curious and wants to know, who is behind this webpages. Well, so I tell you a little bit about me.
My name is Ingo and I am living in Falkensee, a small town near Berlin/Germany. Already as toddler I wanted to know always, how it looked inside from technical devices. But I must confess: today it is everything. At first there was only mechanical things to reach, such as the old but well protected model railway of my father, which I first of all demount. By and by more electrical units kepted introduction in the household, and thus more "research objects" came into my range.
Only the television set was taboo. I had several times unscrewed the rear wall already, if my mother did not see it. But sometimes the investigated electrical things do not functioned (for inexplicable reasons) afterwards no longer in such a way like before. However I wanted further to watch television, I adhered to this taboo zone.
Sometime in the school time I had then my first painful contact with the electricity in form of an old broadcast receiver, which someone had thrown on the bulk rubbish. Apparently its old owner wanted to get rid, because the smaller transistor radios became more popular. The receiver with tubes inside had a power supply line and functioning. The right one for further "research". The consequences were not missing: I got a powerful electric shock and don't touch temporary any part inside the wooden case. But not for a long time, because the radio was first prospected and divided thereafter.
But some electrical devices it preceded after their "meeting" with me also substantially better than before and they lived still many years. So I protected for example the washing machine and the flat-iron after faults from the exchange against newer models. Repairing all lamps in the dwelling (of course under observation) suggested even my mother.
The curiosity at technical things remained also after the childhood, so first I trained a technical occupation and later completed a study. But some years I worked as baker too. Since April 1998 I am proud holder of the amateur radio license for DK3RED, which I purchased during an intensive course in Damp on the Baltic Sea. From 2001 to 2015 I was editor of the QRP-Report, the German magazine of the German Working Group for QRP and Self-Construction (DL-QRP-AG). Since 2003 I am one of the editors of the German ham radio magazine Funkamateur.
You may meet me mainly on the shortwave amateur radio bands. Sometimes I am active with the call DL0NAU. This is the club station of our local ham group Nauen Y08 in the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC e.V.). If you visit my city, then please stop by me. In other cases please give me a call on air or insert a comment in the guestbook.