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I often use telescopic masts to set up wire antennas in portable operation. Meanwhile, I own several specimens with different lengths and diameters, which are used depending on the planned activity. When it comes less to the weight and more to the pack length, I like to use the 10 m Mini from DX-Wire. This mast is extended 10 m long. It can be pushed to 67 cm for transport. Unfortunately, it now has some superficial damage due to attaching it to metal piles and objects with hard edges.
I first saw the idea of simply pulling a shrink tube over the thickest and probably most stressed segment and protecting it in this way with the 6 m telescopic mast by Lambdahalbe. For the 10 m mast I used heat shrink tubing with the designation 1908CA073 of the German manufacturer Quadrios. Conrad Electronic offers 1.6 m long pieces, see below. The hose has an unshrunk diameter of 50 mm. Its diameter can be reduced to up to 25 mm when shrinking, but this was not necessary here. Since the thickest mast segment has a diameter of between 46 and 47 mm, the hose can be pulled over the entire segment and even part of the base.
Protection botton Protection top After shrinking, the hose sits sufficiently tightly and therefore it does not necessarily require a design that is coated with adhesive on the inside. You should cut the hose longer than needed, because its length also decreases slightly when heated. A maximum of 8 % is specified in the data sheet. In addition, the piece should remain free for the cap of the mast.
According to my experience so far, the wall thickness is sufficient to protect the mast segment from damage even in rough portable operation. The heat shrink tubing used has the pleasant advantage of being additionally non-slip. If you want to protect a thinner mast, you will find another 1.6 m long pieces of shrink tubes at the above-mentioned dealer.
Diameter 50/25 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163455, Price 32,99 €
Diameter 45/22,5 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163457, Price 30,99 €
Diameter 40/20 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163461, Price 28,99 €
Diameter 35/17,5 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163462, Price 25,99 €
Diameter 30/15 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163460, Price 25,99 €
Diameter 28/14 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163458, Price 24,99 €
Diameter 25/12,5 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163454, Price 24,99 €
Diameter 22/11 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163456, Price 23,99 €
Diameter 20/10 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163464, Price 21,99 €
Diameter 18/9 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163459, Price 19,99 €
Diameter 15/7,5 mm, Length 1,6 m, Order number 2163463, Price 19,99 €