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Now and then I will asked, what the slogan
Don't forget: the fun is the power!
stands for. One asker sent me an interpretation as equation.
More power = more fun?
That may have the appearance in our performance-oriented society. By the advertisement constantly suggested one that one must possess as much as possible of something, in order to have success. This prestige thinking continues also in the amateur radio: A "bigger" power amplifier is e.g. already nearly a must have for many others. Without it one does not get the necessary kick - one thinks.
But which happens, if it not possible to go "higher, faster, longer"? Someone, who appreciate this border, will then possibly use its allegedly too narrow-chested power amplifier ever more rarely. Thus he enjoys however the nevertheless reached results no longer sufficiently.
What constitute you, it you does not reach every goal? If you see the result however with a extent doggedness, then sometime you will pass of the fun with the hobby. Then you neglect it or give it up completely, because you reach nevertheless nothing or nobody!
More fun = more power!
Now take a step backwards and regard your past results. Wasn't it astonishing, which results you reached in former times with a very small power amplifier? And did you know, how proud you was on your first do-it-yourself antenna? Yes, that was in former times, you will perhaps answer. But also today there are still a lot of goals, after which you can strain yourself.
But it requires somewhat very important: Enjoy your achievements you already reached. That is an inexhaustible power source. And what is the key for their activation? Correctly: The fun with a thing! It helps you step by step and lets you also overcome a sticking point. Together with a certain portion of curiosity you can also break fresh ground. And in our common hobby you can discover a good many new ones!
So don't forget: the fun is the power!