Goal: The domain www.qrp4fun.de contains purely private webpages. The webpages have only the purpose to present me and to promote my hobby, the amateur radio. I do not pursue commercial targets with these webpages.
Trade marks: All label names and registered trade marks used are property of their respective owners, also if not explicit specified.
Copyright: The copyright of the pictures, circuits, board layouts and texts and all other available files is, if particularly does not noted, with me.
Responsibility: For all shown circuits, diagrams and building suggestions I do not take over a guarantee on accuracy/operability. Also I am not liable for possibly damage from its reproduction and/or its application.
Use: Any type of commercially use of the presented projects is admissible only with my permission. The private use is permitted without reservation, if I am not masked as the author.
Links: I am happy about links to my webpages. However the integration of one of my webpage as frame in a foreign webpage will fail.
Data protection: None of the webpages contains add-ones or commercials and none of the webpages stores information (cookies) about the behavior of visitors.
The formular in the guestbook will sent in addition to the entered texts also the IP address of the sender and a time stamp, but will not displayed it. The received data for the guestbook will be deleted after its manual entry. The data will not be passed on to third parties.
Conformity: All webpagesare developed in such a way, that they can be viewed with each browser. Only Javascript must be activated, in order to navigate correct on all webpages and to allow the calculations on some webpages. All webpages are valid with HTML 4.0.1 Transitional and CSS Level 2.1.
Contact: You can reach me among other things at the following ways:
wireless: all shortwave amateur radio bands
slower: Ingo Meyer, Berliner Str. 63, D-14612 Falkensee, Germany